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Quote from an 18-year old who read The Elements of Success:

“Before reading your book, I had always had a very poor idea of self-help/Improvement (books). My mom always wanted me to read self-help books but I never did.”

Things I liked about your book:

  • Short, quick and to the point.
  • 86 pages covering 29 Elements, no fluff just directly to the point.
  • Stories that had an effective point and are true stories rather than hypothetical made up stories.
  • Overall, I really enjoyed this book and am sure I will use many of the lessons I took from this into college and my future career.


The Elements of Success presentation provides real-world examples and best practice recommendations for young people to navigate college, to improve communication, to understand the expectations of peers and elder colleagues and to launch their lives and careers on the best possible footing.


People Skills for the Young Professional

A 45-minute talk providing best practices to communicate and work with others. Whether you are off to your first year of college, seeking your first job, thinking about next steps in your career or simply wondering how best to utilize your time, this course provides maximum upside. Attendees walk away with specific recommendations they can apply, beginning tomorrow, to lead happier, more productive lives, to increase efficiency and to improve communication.

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