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People Skills for the IT Professional

A peak inside the brain of your colleagues.

How to improve communication at your organization.

Real-world examples and real-life recommendations to help your organization excel—starting tomorrow.

Conrad Franey managed an IT group providing services to Google, Oracle, Cadillac, Edward Jones, Anheuser-Busch and many more. Franey recounts true stories from “the trenches” and recommends specific steps to enhance communication and improve results among your IT staff and other divisions of your organization.

“Very energetic, refreshing and helpful!”

“Powerful. Full of common-sense information that most of us do not apply.”

“Energizing and impactful content.”

Quotes from Washington University Engineering and IT graduate students currently working for Boeing, Express Scripts and other large organizations.

Technology continues to grow in importance at every organization and companies spend millions of dollars for ongoing technical training for their IT colleagues. But very few companies invest in training to help their IT peers communicate and to successfully use people skills to achieve results.

After 25 years managing our IT group and observing hundreds of companies, I see that most organizations have two silos:

Silo One: Your IT and technical staff.

Silo Two: Everyone else.

My presentation provides real-world examples and best practice recommendations for your technical staff to improve communication, understand and work with their sales and marketing peers and help your organization improve dramatically.


People Skills for the IT Professional

A 45-minute talk providing best practices to communicate and work with non-technical peers. Your people walk away with specific recommendations they can apply, beginning tomorrow, to increase efficiency and improve communication at your organization.

Flash Courses

Select from the following menu of 20-minute Flash Courses to ground your colleagues in the best business practices:

How to Make a Stand-Up Presentation

How to Run a Multi-Participant Conference Call

How to Run a Business Meeting

How to Plan Your Day

Effective Business Writing

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