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For the past 35-years, Conrad Franey has achieved significant success as a straight-commission sales person, sales manager, Chief Marketing Officer and business owner. He draws on that experience to help people achieve success.

Franey provides advice and counsel via real world examples that help people succeed.

His stories provide specific examples explaining how your colleagues can improve.

The audience believes Franey talks about achieving financial success—and he does—but eventually they understand he gives advice on achieving LIFE success.

Franey is quick to point out that he is NOT a motivational speaker and he doesn’t have a power point.  “I’m not a ‘rah-rah’ speaker,” he says.  “I provide entertaining stories highlighting simple, specific action steps your colleagues can execute–starting tomorrow.”


Elements of Success

A 45-minute talk outlining the habits of successful individuals and how to emulate them to achieve greater personal and business success.

21st Century Success

A 45-minute talk featuring best practices and specific recommendations tailored to your audience, company and industry. The audience departs with a one-page summary outlining action steps that can be implemented tomorrow to achieve improved financial and personal success.

Additional EOSCG Offerings

Available at an Additional Charge:

Break-out meetings

Following the Core Offering, EOSCG will meet with individual sales people (or small groups) to offer tailored recommendations on how they can become more successful. We will focus on their specific customers. Sessions last either 30- or 60-minutes.

Follow-Up Group Conference Calls

The key to achieving success is "To inspect what you expect." EOSCG will orchestrate 20-minute follow-up calls with the individual sales groups to share best practices, success stories, challenges and opportunities. EOSCG will be available to coach and offer specific solutions for your sales colleagues.

Senior Management executive retreats

One- or two-day executive retreats facilitated by EOSCG wherein we will take a deep dive into your history, current status, future opportunities, and potential threats. EOSCG will consult with your team to develop a rich agenda. We will run the meeting and keep things lively and interactive. Finally, we will produce an overview with specific recommended next steps for individuals and the organization.

Flash Courses

Select from the following menu of 20-minute Flash Courses to ground your colleagues in the best business practices:

How to Make a Stand-Up Presentation

How to Run a Multi-Participant Conference Call

How to Run a Business Meeting

How to Plan Your Day

Effective Business Writing

How to Entertain a Client

Dos and Don’ts of Drinking, Dining and Decorum

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