Whoever came up with the phrase work-life balance had it all wrong.

It's All Life.

— Conrad Franey Managing Director Elements of Success Consulting Group (EOSCG)

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Managing Director Conrad Franey applies 35-years of sales, marketing and mentoring success guiding your organization to new levels of excellence.

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Together, we will determine your needs, expectations and requirements. Then EOSCG will provide a free quote.


EOSCG will conduct 6-10 phone conversations with designated individuals from your organization. Based on these discovery sessions, EOSCG will develop a custom presentation and action item list tailored specifically for you.


Managing Director Conrad Franey presents your customized presentation.

Success Stories

Gary Haley

President, Beacon Promotions, Inc.

"Conrad helped us hone our presentation skills and he won us over at 'Hello'. From making appointments to making first impressions; being on time to being remembered he touched on all aspects of the presentation. We continue to refer to his points a year later."

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